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At St. Bonifacius Chiropractic, I believe that true health is dependent on one thing - function. How well your body functions determines how well you really are. Being healthy and being well are more than just “feeling good”. You need to function at your best so you can feel your best.

Whether you are in trying to get out of pain or looking for a healthier you, this is the place!

Experience high levels of expertise, care and attention all under one roof, here at St. Bonifacius Chiropractic.


Simply amazing!! I would recommend this place to everyone! Especially if you have a brand new baby!!!! “Had my first appointment today and me and the little one feel brand new!! I could instantly see a more relaxed happier baby as soon as he was adjusted. If you want the kindest and most knowledgeable Chiro around- this is your place! Dr. Chase rocks!!!!!”

”We recently moved to the St. Bonifacius area and were thrilled to find that there is a great chiropractor in town. My husband has had some lower back issues, which included a disc that appeared to be slipping. He had seen 2 other chiropractors several times before for the issues and neither of them were able to adjust his lower back fully. On his first visit to St. Boni Chiropractic, Dr. Chase was easily able to adjust his lower back, which provided significant pain relief, and has continued to provide quality service. Dr. Chase is kind, professional, and clearly proficient at his job. Both my husband and I see him regularly for adjustments now. Highly recommend!”

”Doctor Chase has such a great heart! Compassion for his patients and really takes the time to get to know you and what your needs are. After Seeing the same chiropractor for 20 years- I was still driving 45 minutes back to where I used to live because I couldn’t find anybody that did work like my previous doctor, and now I finally have with Saint Bonifacius Chiropractic! I cannot think doctor Chase enough for helping me to get back on my feet.
Dr Chase Martin is chiropractic care at its absolute best! 5 stars - hands down! Thank you - from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of me.”

”Dr Chase listens so well to my aches and pains and then adapts my session to that.”

”The first thing you will notice is that he really listens and then has the ability through skill and touch to determine just what your body is needing! The adjustment is delivered in a calm and relaxing manner. Dr Chase is generous with his time and information to help you get where you want to be!”

”Dr Chase is excellent as usual.”

”I have been telling people that I feel like my old chiropractor was Kansas and now I am in OZ. The adjustments are awesome. He takes his time and I have never felt rushed during any adjustment. I can already tell I am on the mend.”

”Dr. Chase is great to work with. He takes his time so you never feel rushed. He also really helped my neck pain go away! I highly recommend seeing him.”

“I have been seeing Dr Chase for about two weeks. I was in bad shape and had a lot of pain. We are making progress and day by day, I am able to walk without my cane more and more. Thank you, Dr Chase!!!!!! 💕”


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