Supplements - Nutridyn (Metagenics/Suppys/DNA Labs)


It is well known that the dietary supplement industry is overflowing with retailers and companies that lack the requisite education and testing necessary to provide high-quality products. This is the reason I purchase supplements through NutriDyn.

NutriDyn works with only a few companies in order to guarantee their unrivaled quality standards. Their branded manufacturers have multiple GMP registrations. Foremost among them is Metagenics, a facility which is triple GMP registered through NSF, Natural Products Association (NPA), and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA is an international certification). They also work with some of the top research and clinical facilities in the world, such as Harvard University, Cleveland Clinic, National Colleges of Naturopathy, Cambridge University, Bastyr University, and Erasmus Medical Center, to assure their products are the most efficacious, cutting-edge, and pure food supplements available for top healthcare practitioners.

You can regularly find adult multi-vitamins, children multi-vitamins, fish oils, Vitamin C, D3, zinc, and Cal-Mag crystals on my shelf. NutriDyn has an extensive library for neurological health, stress management, metabolic detoxification, immune health, joint health, digestive function, and more. If there is anything you would like specific help with stop in or call 952-446-1800.


Ice Packs- Cold should naturally be everyone’s best friend during times of stress and injury. The benefits from icing include decreasing pain, inflammation, muscle spasm. I carry ice packs that stay soft to conform and have a cloth exterior to stay comfortable.

Cervical Orthosis- You don’t have to have an advanced degree to notice how technology is literally hurting us. Between poor posture, computers, and phones most people are actually changing the normal curve in their neck. If you are tired of the constant upper shoulder/neck pain, you may benefit from using this.